Ariba Invoicing Support

We use SAP Ariba as our invoice portal of choice, and suppliers providing services and materials to APA are required to use it.

The Ariba Network allows suppliers to track their invoices during the approval process, receive status updates through the system and e-mail notifications. Since many of these technologies may be new to our suppliers, there are automated, self-service help tutorials and documentation available to increase supplier proficiencies. Ariba offers a tiered subscription model to its customers. The lowest tier is offered at no cost to the subscriber.


US Suppliers

  • Ariba Support
  • Supplier Ariba FAQs

North Sea Suppliers

  • Purchase Order Confirmation
  • Purchase Order Confirmation Video
  • Material Invoice Video
  • Repair Invoice Video
  • Quality Certification and Documentation Video
  • Line Level Invoice Video
  • Itemised Line-Item Invoice Video
  • Flat File Invoice Video
  • Ad Hoc Service Invoice

Supplier Expectations

Sourcing with Apache

Supplier Diversity

Prospective and Existing Suppliers

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